Fountain Pens and Fountain Pen-Friendly Notebooks

Handwriting is dead. Wrong, because even if we type everything, handwriting helps us remember. Findings prove that children learn their ABCs faster and remember them if they have print-writing exercises. Students recall information scribbled in their notebook than those typed on their keyboard. Likewise, adults remember phone nos. written on paper than those typed on their phones. These are the reasons why Notedian makes accessible high quality but affordable writing instruments and accessories like notebooks from around the world.

Fountain pen essentials

Knowing the unbeatable reasons why no one can give up writing is also knowing the unbeatable reasons of loving a fountain pen. Once thought extinct because of the ballpoint, fountain pens are enjoying a steady rise in sales in the last decade. Many like the personalization and elegance it gives.

Still, the assumption that fountain pens are status symbols make people think that buying luxury fountain pens are only for those who sign important documents. Because many people are using fountain pens, good quality steel and gold fountain pens are now affordable.

Not only used in writing, fountain pens are also used in arts, calligraphy and ink artwork. There is less effort on the hand to use them. Converts from the ballpoint swear never to go back. Interestingly, in some countries, fountain pens are used by children for better hand control.

There are many guidelines in choosing a fountain pen, but to showcase its beauty, the two most important are the tip size and the tip shape.

The tip size determines whether your fountain pen would write extra fine, fine, medium or broad. People with smaller handwriting should choose an extra fine or a fine nib while the opposite goes for those with large handwriting.

A round shape tip gives you same line width all throughout. Shaped nibs will show different line widths based on your stroke. New fountain pen users should use the round tip.

If the classic fountain pen is here to stay so are fountain pen friendly, Clairefontaine Basic Notebooks in deep-dyed hardboard cover with leather effect in rustic earth tones, also being offered in Notedian.

Traits of a fountain pen friendly paper

1. It is bright white. This showcases the ink.

2. It should not bleed through. This occurs when a paper is too thin.

3. It is very smooth. There is a special coating on the paper for a fountain pen’s smooth flowing ink and quick drying time.

4. It is affordable. Because of the special treatment done to fountain pen friendly paper only the best manufacturer can lower its price.

Considered the best writing paper, the paper used in Clairefontaine Notebooks have all these traits. They also have soft sheets, are acid-free and PEFC certification as proof of responsible sourcing. Since its first production in 1858, they have made quality paper. They manufactured their trademark quality notebooks in 1950 and are the favorite of teachers, students and everyone who knows quality writing materials.

It’s time you start enjoying quality but affordable fountain pens and the best writing paper to write it on. Contact Notedian today. Visit

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