The Do’s and Don’ts for Planning the Best Hen Weekend Getaway for the Bride-to-Be

It is safe to assume that everybody would like to travel abroad for a vacation if given the chance. This is also applicable to bachelorette parties. When planning a bachelorette party or a hen night party, things can go from simple activities to all-out weekend getaways depending on the interests and hobbies of the bride-to-be. This is, of course, her ‘last hurrah’ to enjoying the perks of the single life. If you are tasked to plan a hen party night along with other bridesmaids, you have a lot of choices at your disposal. For example, you can hire party planners at Infinity Weekends to ask advice about planning the best stag weekends for Prague or the best hen weekends for Amsterdam, whichever task you’ve been assigned to. Party planning services like Infinity Weekends also offer their services if you plan to do the hen night party in Amsterdam or any place abroad. All that matters is if the celebrant, the bride, will enjoy it. So you can either ask assistance from party planners at Infinity Weekends or you can also prepare a more intimate and personal hen party that fits the personality of the bride.

If you’re a first-time planner, how can you tell what’s ok to do and what’s taboo on a hen night? This article tackles the essential dos and don’ts of the hen night party:


1. Always refer to the personality, style, taste, and interests of the bride-to-be. Consult her on the things she’d actually like to do on her hen night.

2. Entertainment venues and party places tend to need early reservations. Book a place well in advance and organize comprehensively if your party consists of a large number of attendees. But you can always skip this if you want to go in a jam-packed bar.

3. Aside from minding the bride-to-be, make sure you know the preferences of the other guests. If there are a mix of age groups attending, plan a pre and an after party. This usually means doing the G-rated merriment first before the naughtier version of the party.

4.  Aside from considering the age appropriateness of the festivities, also consider the funding. Usually, hen parties are brought about thru the financial efforts of the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. Always ensure that the budget of running the party coincides with the funds every member is willing to give.


1. Cramming the party planning within the month of the wedding itself is a supporting ingredient for the recipe of failure. The recovery time of the bride should always be considered since a whole night of partying might just tire the bride out. Not to mention the many possibilities of things going wrong or unplanned surprises that might pop up.

2. Never let the bride know about the finances of the hen night party you’re planning for her. That’s one kind of stress the bride shouldn’t be facing amidst the wedding planning she’d done.

3. Never take photos of people, especially one of the bride, where they’re in a quite compromising position. Although you can take some snapshots to serve as a personal remembrance of the night, it is equally bad to post these pictures up on the Internet.

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