Best Light and Medium Duty Trucks for Australian Roads

The type of truck that you choose will be very critical to the success of your business. Based on the type of the trucking or freight business that you are planning to run, you may invest in a light and medium duty truck or the heavy duty trucks for sale which will be beneficial for your business. In Australia, it is possible for you to choose from varied truck models although the Japanese trucks generally offer a great deal of reliability and fuel efficiency which will be a good boost for your business.

One of the best suppliers of the light and medium duty trucks in Australia is UD Trucks. The company offers a great array of trucks that you will be able to choose from and which you can put towards multiple applications. Some of the best trucks from this reliable trucking company that you can choose include the following –

  • The Condor MK Trucks
  • The Condor PK Trucks
  • The Quon CK Trucks
  • The Quon CW Trucks
  • The Quon GK Trucks
  • The Quon GW Trucks

The Condor MK Trucks

This is one of the best light and medium duty truck that you can purchase from the UD Trucks line. The design and construction of the truck makes it possible to accommodate the various kinds of rigid body configurations for your trucks. It is suitable for the applications of up to 11,000Kg GVM. Use these for the trays and the refrigerator trucks amongst other light duty applications. These trucks have new cabins which also accommodate contemporary designs. Get better driver safety and comfort. Additional cabin features include the good storage that it offers, better legroom, and better headroom. The truck is created for the best operator efficiency.

The Condor PK Trucks

This is a really hardworking light and medium duty truck and like many other trucks on the UD Trucks line, it combines an admirable array of features. It can support a Gross Vehicle Mass of up to 16,500Kg and like the MK range, can support a great array of light duty applications including the refrigerator applications. It deploys the newest HD-T cab which features the latest aerodynamics with a performance that is “low drag”. Like many other Japanese trucks, the PK range of UD Trucks is built with some great eco and safety features. These include the following –

  • There is the Eco Fleet shift mode with automatic transmission
  • It has emission levels below the Euro 5 Emission Levels
  • Less greenhouse emissions
  • SCR Engine Transmission Technology contributes to lower emission levels and higher fuel efficiency
  • Get 360 degrees visibility
  • Front axle capacity of up to 6500Kg
  • Good can strength that is compliant with the custom factory paint options

UD Trucks is also a manufacturer of heavy duty trucks and you can choose from a great array of its heavy duty truck for sale to suit your unique applications. There is also semi truck for sale of varied models to choose from. Once you have determined your unique needs, visit to get a suitable truck that will meet your Australian transportation needs.

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